Ange Friesen


The thing that lights you up.


The thing that thrums with yes.

The thing that's always there, underneath all of the other ideas.


Let’s Do That.


Brand Therapy

1-on-1 Brand Consulting

Brand therapy is exactly what it sounds like: a space where you can work through all of the things that come up as you build a creative career, project or business. A place to explore your vision, connect with your purpose and ask + answer the big questions about what it is you're creating. A way to find clarity.

It's where business meets personal and intuition meets strategy -- AKA the sweet spot for creative work.

We'll explore everything you need to communicate the power and depth of your work: your vision, your style, your story. I see you, I see your magic, and I show you how to share it in a way that lets everyone else see it, too. 

Brand Therapy sessions take place in Toronto or online. Each 90-minute brand therapy session is $325.


I’m also available for full brand development and creative consulting. Project rates start at $3800.
Send me a note with a little about what you’re up to and we’ll make a plan. Yay!



"Before working with Ange, I had no idea that my business could have a soul. I feel so much more confident and in control of my own destiny." 

- Tory Woollcott, Owner and creator of The Tessera Oracle