Tory's idea was beautiful.


A fortune telling system - something totally new - inspired by tarot, runes, sacred geometry and enamel pins. 

The Tessera Oracle clearly needed to exist, so together we set out to uncover all of the pieces that needed to fall into place to bring it into the world:

We found her muse. A source of inspiration for everything Tory wrote and designed, so that her marketing would resonate with the right people.

We asked why. Why was Tory doing this? What impact did she want to have? How could her core values shape what this project needed to become?

We uncovered the business underneath the idea. And found a way to bring all of Tory's work together into a complex and powerful whole. 

Most of all, we connected with Tory's deepest vision, getting crystal clear on what she really wanted to create. That meant that whenever any questions came up (and there were a lot of them) she had something that would help guide the way forward. 

Tory launched her project on Kickstarter asking for $9000 to make the Tessera Oracle real. 

IMG_20170904_134618 (1).jpg

A few weeks later she had $64,500 in funding from people who were completely in love with her idea. 

An aside: so was I. I adore the people I work with (it's one of my personal rules of business) and watching their projects take off is the most wonderful feeling.  

Actually, my favourite part is doing the work together. Everything else is just extra awesome.