Ange Friesen



Brand + Business Visioning | Brand Strategy | Creative Consulting


 You have magic inside of you.

Let’s bring it into the world.

Hi, I'm Ange.


I describe my work as brand therapy. 

Helping people and brands figure out who they are and how to share their ideas with the world.

Because the best work happens when you connect with a deeper vision and let an idea show you what it wants to become. When you balance strategy with intuition. When you let your realest self become a part of the process.  

It’s how you create work that feels right.

It’s how you bring your ideas into the world, fully and beautifully.

It’s how we create the world we want to live in.


This is brand therapy.


 “I'm so so so excited about finally having clarity.”

Karine2 copy copy.png


Even if you *think* you know about branding and stuff, sometimes you just need someone to help pull the information out of the deep dark caves of your brain. Like a therapist. And that's what Ange is - a brand therapist.

I was a corporate marketing manager with 13+ years of experience branding for other businesses. But I couldn't for the life of me figure out my own ideal client and what direction I wanted my business to take.

I left our session with all the clarity and direction I was not only hoping for but needed. I can see my ideal client so clearly in my head, it's like we're BFFs and have worked together for 15+ years. I am more confident in my marketing, in my direction. I haven't been this excited since season 2 of Stranger Things turned out to be better than season 1.

- Karine Bengualid, Copywriter at Brought to You by the Letter K


It's time to bring your ideas into the world in all of their gorgeous fullness.