Everything starts with getting very clear about what you really, truly, deeply want to create


A 1-on-1 visioning and strategy session to uncover your vision, connect with its energy, and start creating from that place. You'll learn my full method for making creative magic as a practice, plus come away inspired, with ultra-customized homework and a plan for how you will make it all real.

How it works

Brand Therapy

A10-week deep dive into everything you need to communicate the power and depth of your work, your idea and your purpose. I see you, I see your magic, and I show you how to share it with the world.

How it works

Step one: Make Magic

Everything starts with getting very clear about what you really, truly, deeply want to create.

Make Magic is a 1-on-1 strategy and visioning session where you'll learn my method for connecting with your creative spark, getting clear on your vision, and then bringing it into the world, fully and completely. This two-hour session will... 


Step Two: Brand Therapy




Everything starts with getting very clear about what you really, truly, deeply want to create.

I've noticed that when you start talking to the Universe about what you want, big things happen.

The right people and projects come your way. Weird and amazing opportunities appear. 

BUT. This only happens when you're working on the thing that you actually, really, truly want. Something you love. Something you believe in deeply. 

Otherwise, you're much more likely to find walls coming up. Nothing coming your way. More of the same thing you don't want. 

And being honest - admitting that you want the thing that you actually want - can be incredibly uncomfortable. Scary, even. 

It feels much safer to ask for the thing you think you can get. The pretty good idea. The thing that makes the most sense. 

But that's not the stuff that gets the universe's attention.

The magic happens when you get honest about what you really, really, really want. The thing that makes your heart feel a little bit glow-y. The thing that sparks something inside of you – a tiny but so powerful feeling of YES.

That's what you're here to do. That's what the world needs. That's the thing that's going to take you where you want to be.

And that's what where we're going to work.


Make Magic is A two-hour deep dive into the heart and soul of your life and work

First we talk through it, sifting through all of the ideas and feelings you've been working through. You'll tell me about what you're thinking, and we'll spend some time figuring out exactly where you want to go. You'll decide what you want to explore in the session: a particular project, or business, or even just "What does happiness look like for me?".

Then we get to the magic.

Something happens. Something bigger than both of us.

I honestly don't know how to describe the experience, other than shimmering. Something happens and the everyday world around us sort of dissolves, and we're somewhere else. Somewhere you can explore all of the possibilities for yourself, and find the one that feels right. Essentially, we connect to your quantum self, the part of you that's already right there: happy and successful and fulfilled, with all of the answers you need to help you get there.

Your visioning session is about connecting to the energy of that future self: the one who is already there doing the work - who has created something magical for themselves. It's about going deep into a space where you can feel that reality - explore what it looks like, what it feels like. Feeling it is key - experiencing the joy and connection and absolute amazingness that comes with living in alignment with your purpose. Living according to who you really are. Living from the heart. 

It feels kind of like hanging out in a cosmic hot spring. Like we're somehow connecting to whatever we come from - a source of renewal and love and support. Like our cells are somehow recalibrating to be able to take in more pleasure and love. It feels awesome, and it's fun. 

I'll be with you as you explore this possible reality, asking questions that take you deeper into the experience and uncover details that bring everything to light. This isn't a matter of imagining - this is connecting with something deeper than imagining, experiencing one of the possibilities you can call into being.

Doing this work accomplishes two things: first, it gives you the direct experience of feeling the feelings that might be missing from how you've been living and working latey: joy and power and excitement (to name a few). We'll hang out in those feelings, letting them settle into your cells, so that when we're done they're a part of your being now. They're yours, to hold and to carry with you as you create.

The second thing we're doing is connecting with a vision that can guide you as you move forward. We can answer the questions you have - what is the thing called? Where is it? What does it look like? It feels like uncovering, rather than inventing - all we need to do is connect. 

When I say magic, I mean it. I don't know how else to describe it. The first time I did this work, it was a surprise. We had been talking through my sister's branding and running into wall after wall. She just didn't have conscious answers. I don't know what made me say it (oh yeah, the Universe), but I said, "Okay, let's do a guided meditation." 

Sally closed her eyes, and I told her to connect to the part of herself that was successful, had created a beautiful thing. Something happened. It's like we stepped into another space - everything else dropped away and we were there in this energy - it felt the way I imagine sparkles must feel. It felt like a cosmic whirlpool. It felt like a deep state of meditation. It felt like magic. 

The best moment was when I asked Sally about how this version of herself felt. "I feel sexy," she said. "And powerful. And happy." 

As she said it, she was feeling it. Really feeling it. And those were feelings that I hadn't seen her inhabit for such a long time, if ever. But she was there. She gave herself some good advice, she connected with some powerful supportive ancestral energy. And then we came back to my living room.

Whoa. Sally had felt it, too. 


Who it's for:

  • You're ready to to embark on a new project or in a new direction, and want to
  • You're feeling disconnected and not sure the thing you've built is working, and need to take some time to breathe and re-connect with what your soul is actually calling for

What you get:

  • A sense of energy and inspiration. It's almost like seeing it is all that you need to make it real. By connecting with it in this visioning session, you're making it real.
  • Ask any and all of the questions you want clarity on: What are you doing? Where are you? What does it look like? How does it feel? Who are you working with? What do you need to do to get there? What comes next? 
  • Knowing that this vision is yours. No one else is sitting here, telling you what they think you need to hear, or what they think makes sense in this market. This is between you and the universe - I just help you make the connection. You get to create a strategy that's based on the thing you really want, which means that when you do take action and create something, you'll know it's right. 
  • Ridiculous synchronicities that start to happen as soon as you're done. One client saw herself founding a consulting firm. She knew she would be working with a partner - someone who would be amazing at sales and marketing, so that she could focus on strategy and execution. Within two days she had a phone call from a friend - someone who was exactly what she had imagined, a sales-savvy business type who would complement her industry expertise - who wanted to talk to her about starting a consultancy together. You'll probably notice that your intuition is amplified following the session - dreams and signs and little nudges will start pointing the way onwards. 
  • Experience the feeling's you're hoping to create, bringing them into yourself at a cellular level so that you know they're possible and prime yourself to feel more of them
  • A firm ground for setting the intentions and taking the inspired action that's going to get you where you want to go
  • You get to feel the feelings you've been aiming for, in this moment. You'll get a chance to enjoy them, let them fully settle into your body, and then anchor them so that you bring them into the present, and carry them with you into the future. 


"I felt you were channeling something above and beyond yourself. The experience wasn't about you or me but about something bigger with a deeper purpose in making the world a better place, regardless of what seems/sounds right. It was unique, raw, deep, and magical." 


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