Sometimes all you need is a dose of clarity, inspiration and energy.

Envision is for those times.

Envision is business and career visioning. A space to get clear about what it is you really want to create.

When you've really connected to that vision - when you've seen it and felt it in every cell of your body - it becomes an anchor. Something that can guide you, every step of the way, as you bring it into this reality.

This is where the magic comes in: Guided visioning takes you into a theta brainwave state (a deeply relaxed, highly intuitive state of consciousness), where we can ask big questions and find big answers.

Every session is different, but always powerful. People come back with actionable information (a business name, clarity on the next move in their career, a totally vivid logo design), but more than that, they come back feeling deeply connected to their purpose. Inspired. Often, incredible synchronicities start to show up in their lives, related to the thing we explored. It's almost ridiculous, sometimes.

Part of the power in visioning is what comes next: inspired action. Every visioning session closes with a plan and homework that will help you keep moving towards that beautiful thing you're creating.

Envision is a one-on-one guided visioning session. The session takes place in Toronto or online.