Ange Friesen

Let’s make something.


I’ve worked with artists and architects, cities and startups, fortune tellers and global brands, creating brands and content that shows off their magic.

The thing they’ve got in common is this: the work they’re doing is smart, creative, and inspiring. It’s new. It’s sometimes hard to know how to even talk about.

I help them figure out how to share that work in a way that captures all of its magic, so that their people can find them and fall completely in love.

No biggie.




Brand Development

  • Brand strategy

  • Creative visioning

  • Client and customer avatars

  • Creative direction

Copy and Content

  • Brand voice & messaging

  • Copywriting

  • Content marketing

  • Website & product copy

Creative Coaching and Training

  • Brand workshops

  • Speaking & events

  • Creative consulting

  • 1-on-1 brand coaching