And then, another curve. I came to the end of my training and realized something that terrified me.

When I thought about actually doing the work, I felt zero pull.

I loved exploring the ideas, but something was off when it came to putting it into (private) practice. 

So now what? OMG.

Of course, that moment of darkness is exactly what happens before the light appears.

Because then I realized this:

What I really loved was using all of the skills I learned as a psychotherapist to help people build their businesses and careers and creative projects. Asking deep questions, exploring what's there, and helping people realize their realest, most beautiful selves.

I had created the perfect foundation for brand strategy. The usual marketing and copywriting, alongside all of the tools and knowledge designed to discover and bring out something deep and real and beautiful in a person.

When I say "brand therapy," I mean it.