How I got here

Finally, finally, finally, everything came together.

I didn't entirely believe it was possible. I worried that I'd be flitting about forever, never really finding a career that fit.

I should have known that all of that wandering would lead me somewhere surprising and delightful and totally me.

Because this is what happened: I was working full time as a librarian doing marketing and community development (yes, this is a thing), and freelancing on the side as a copywriter and designer.

I was good at my job, and enjoyed a lot of what I did. But I was doing it because it was the thing that made the most "sense" (and came with a good salary and a pension). I wasn't doing it because my heart wanted me to.

And so I wasn't happy. And it was exhausting.

This was before I learned that the right work will actually give you energy.

So I started exploring what might make me happy. 

I've always been fascinated by psychology and personal development. And I had always thought about becoming a therapist, maybe, "someday."

Until I realized: I don't need to wait. If I want to do this, I can do it now.

In 2014 I enrolled in a three year psychotherapy training program. And for three years I studied Jung and dreamwork and Gestalt and somatic therapies and meditation, and so many other approaches and techniques. It was fascinating. It was fun. I was in my element.