Stop hiding (and hiding from) your magic.


Brand Therapy is a 10-week process of creative transformation that's designed to bring your creative spark out into the world and your work in a way that's powerful, deep and exhilarating. 

Because you have something the world needs, and you know it.

Ideas that need to be born. Stories that need to be told. Collaborations that will change everything.

A whole life that's yearning to be lived. 

And once you start letting that vision guide how you show up in the world, magic happens. 

Brand Therapy is a blend of coaching and consulting, guided by intuition and strategy.

It's a becoming. We aren't creating a brand, we're revealing something deep and real and elemental. Because when you really see what's there underneath, and when you allow yourself to create from that place of total trust and truth - when you give yourself permission to make choices according to your intuition and what feels really good and real - that's when the magic happens. People notice. They feel it. You feel it.

You've felt it. Those people who just somehow glow with something. Who know who they are, and make choices from that deep sense of self. Who bring their fullest, realest selves to the table - all of their brilliance, exactly what the world needs. Because the world needs brilliant, beautiful, whole people doing their work and saying what they really think. 

And it's okay if you're not all the way there. It's okay to just want to make choices from that place. 

That's where it starts.

Brand Therapy feels like: Connecting with something beyond you and me. Experiencing your deepest self. Something totally new. Deep fun. Possibility. Creation. Aliveness.