Ange Friesen


The thing that lights you up.


The thing that thrums with yes.

The thing that's always there, underneath all of the other ideas.


Let's do that. 


There are a few ways we can work together.

If you need an expert copywriter and creative strategist to help with your brand strategy, creative direction, messaging and content, let’s make something together.

If you need a balance of one-on-one coaching and consulting as you undertake a major creative project, career shift, or business (with lots of support and strategy along the way), try Brand Therapy

Or you can join me for a ridiculously amazing creative retreat, in-person Brand Therapy workshop, or whatever other awesomeness I've got coming up.


Let’s start!


Creative Strategy & Copywriting

Brand Therapy

Workshops and Talks



"Before working with Ange, I had no idea that my business could have a soul. I feel so much more confident and in control of my own destiny." 

- Tory Woollcott, Owner and creator of The Tessera Oracle