About Ange


The official bio

Ange Friesen is a writer and brand strategist whose work combines a background in marketing and copywriting with her formal training as a depth psychotherapist. Using a balance of intuition and strategy, Ange helps creative people and businesses connect with their deepest vision and bring their ideas into the world. Ange lives in Toronto and works with clients everywhere.


My last official "job title" was Librarian, doing marketing and community development for a major public library. I have a Master's degree in Library and Information Studies, which means I'm exceptionally skilled at taking complex information, organizing it, and sharing it with audiences in a way that works. 

I thought I was going to be a therapist (and did three years of intensive training), until I realized that I'm way more interested in helping people explore their work, their creativity and their businesses. Luckily, that combination -- a sense of deep curiosity, and the ability to ask good questions and then really listen -- lends itself perfectly to brand strategy and copywriting.

Above all, I believe in wonder, and magic, and love. And that's what I try to bring with me into every moment, every project. I think that massive shifts are needed in what work and business look like, and I intend to be a part of them. My version of professionalism includes laughing, crying and talking about astrology, so don't be surprised if I ask you about your sign (as well as your rising sign and moon, of course). 

I am: Aquarius, with a Pisces Moon and Libra (or possibly Virgo) rising, in case you're wondering.